Tribes to Help Create Native American Curriculum

January 25, 2023

Connecticut’s tribal nations will work with state education officials to create a new Native American studies curriculum for public schools.

This partnership is a result of 2021 legislation requiring school districts to include Native American studies as part of the social studies curriculum in the academic year commencing July 1, 2023.

This curriculum will help students appreciate our state's important history with our tribal nations. By partnering with the tribes to create the curriculum, we are also building stronger present-day relationships.


Each of the five state-recognized tribes has its own individual history and story. The partnership with our Connecticut tribal nations will help ensure our new Native American curriculum is created in concert with indigenous input.

Discussions with tribal officials have already begun, and the curriculum is planned to be released by the Connecticut Department of Education in June. It will be available on GoOpenCT, Connecticut’s digital library of open education resources.