Budget, Bills & Breakfast, Grants for Women-Owned Businesses, Arts, Culture & Tourism

January 23, 2023

Recently, I had the pleasure of serving on the leadership panel for 2023 Regional Legislative Breakfast hosted presented by the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce. I had the opportunity to discuss some of our leading bills for this session, budget highlights and many of the drivers and goals for economic development in our region. I want to thank Southern Connecticut State University, my alma mater, for doing an excellent job hosting 300 business leaders from across the New Haven region.

Grants for Women-Owned Businesses
The Women's Business Development Council (WBDC) is excited to announce the next round of our Equity Match Grant Program is now open! The deadline to apply is February 28.

The program offers grants of up to $10,000 to women-owned businesses in Connecticut that have been in business for two or more years and have revenues between $25,000 and $2 million. For additional information and more details on the program, please visit ctwbdc.org/equity-match-grant-program.   

Arts, Culture and Tourism
Arts, Culture and Tourism are some of the state's greatest economic drivers!

In case you missed our recent Arts, Culture and Tourism Caucus meeting that I hosted with legislators, industry leaders and agency directors, click here to watch it. The meeting covers a recap of 2022, previews 2023 legislation and many additional aspects related to this arena including funding, jobs, marketing and more. Great info!