Support for Voting Rights Law Expansion

February 1, 2023
I am proud to stand behind the push to expand the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Law. Voting is a fundamental and sacred right in our country. This bill would give every eligible voter in Connecticut the opportunity to make sure their vote is counted. I believe everyone, especially Black and Latino voters, should have more opportunities to cast a ballot.

According to advocates, not every polling place is accommodating to non-English speakers. Communities of color, like Waterbury, tend to have fewer voting protections, and past elections have already been affected by current voting laws.

The bill would remove some barriers by improving language assistance for those who need it. This would allow Spanish speaking residents, for example, to learn more about the process and get to the polls.

Our state has some of the most restrictive voting laws in the country. Connecticut should be one of the top states in the nation to make it easier to cast a ballot. According to Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas, we will do everything in our power to defend the right to equal participation in voting. We say no to voter intimidation and no to voter suppression.

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