Improving Services for Our IDD Community

March 22, 2023

A proposal to improve support services for individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) and their families is currently moving through the legislature.

State Representative Lucy Dathan (D-Norwalk/New Canaan) is leading a bipartisan group of legislators working to pass House Bill 5001, An Act Concerning Resources and Support Services for Persons With An Intellectual or Developmental Disability. It was recently approved by the Human Services Committee and is considered a priority bill for the House of Representatives this legislative session.


The bipartisan proposal intends to address the many critical issues affecting the Intellectually and/or Developmentally Disabled Community, including:

  • Funding to reduce waitlists for services at the Department of Developmental Services and the Department of Social Services (approx. 950 individuals are waitlisted at DDS and about 2000 individuals at DSS)
  • Evaluation of current services and improving coordination between housing, transportation services, adult day services, education transitional services, and workforce development opportunities
  • Requiring more transparency and accountability for agencies and nonprofit providers working with IDD population
  • Increasing income and asset limitations to provide access expansion and retainment of assistance

“At a time when the national partisan discourse appears divisive with little room for bipartisan agreements, I am delighted to work along with my Republican colleague, Rep. Case on an issue that has brought us together to help improve the services and address critical needs of the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled community. As I have learned when talking with families and advocates, one size doesn’t fit all when trying to provide services to this vulnerable population. This proposal would add significant provisions to help alleviate many of the burdens on families and caregivers when accessing programs and services for their loved ones. I am committed to finding solutions and alternatives and working with all my colleagues to get this measure to the finish line this session.”