Recognizing Autism Acceptance Month in Danbury

April 12, 2023

April is Autism Acceptance Month. This year's theme, “Celebrate Differences,” aims to herald the acceptance of individuals beyond the spectrum.
Formerly known as Autism Awareness Month, in 2021, the Autism Society of America changed it to Autism Acceptance Month to promote receptivity and inclusivity.
Autism is a complex developmental condition stemming from differences in a person's brain structure and neurotransmitters affecting individuals' verbal and non-verbal communication. Currently, 1 in 54 children is diagnosed with autism every year.

Autism Acceptance Month

In our community, I was honored to attend the 6th Annual Danbury Autism Awareness & Acceptance Ceremony. This year, we had the opportunity to celebrate the brand new Sensory Space, located on the Junior floor of Danbury Public Library. 

Danbury Autism Awareness & Acceptance Ceremony

Danbury Autism Awareness & Acceptance Ceremony

This ceremony provided a platform for individuals with autism to showcase their talents and contributions to society while raising awareness about their unique needs and challenges. 

It is important to celebrate our differences so we can learn more about one another and become empowering to all neurodiverse individuals. To learn more about autism and state resources, please click here.