Women's Caucus List Priorities

April 12, 2023

State Representatives Dorinda Borer (D-West Haven) and Nicole Klarides-Ditria (R-Beacon Falls, Derby, Seymour), co-chairs of the Women's Bipartisan Caucus in the Connecticut General Assembly, unveiled the group's 2023 legislative priorities last week.

Numerous lawmakers from the Caucus gathered at the State Capitol for a press conference to discuss the 10 specific bills they are supporting in this year's legislative session.

Women's Bipartisan Caucus

"We heard from women in our districts and across the state about the issues that affect them most and this well-rounded list of bills is representative of those numerous constituent conversations. These bills also represent the work our caucus has done to make an impact on the lives of women and families on a wide range of issues from domestic violence to education to health care and the workforce," Rep. Borer said.

You can watch the entire press conference here.

The 10 bills backed by the Women's Caucus are:

  • HB 6273: Aims to decrease the gender wage gap by requiring employers to disclose salary ranges on public and internal job postings
  • HB 6569: Requires that a person be not less than eighteen years of age to be eligible to marry
  • SB 986: Expands maternal healthcare access and affordability in response to pending requests from several hospitals to close labor and delivery facilities
  • SB 5: Provides greater protections for and enhanced responses to individuals involved in domestic and intimate partner violence
  • HB 5194: Asks the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity to conduct a study of community-based bereavement and grief counseling organizations and services for children and families and make recommendations for the implementation of a statewide program to deliver such services
  • HB 5003: Fully funds the Education Cost Sharing program by 2025 while also covering additional costs for high-need students at magnet and charter schools and within the Open Choice initiative
  • HB 5197: Offers access to emergency contraception from a vending machine
  • SB 1075: Provides dignity to hospice care patients by allowing them to pass away comfortably in their home
  • HB 6759: Among other provisions, requires licensed child care centers, School Readiness providers or any child care services provider that accepts state funds for infant toddler, or preschool programs to pay their employees on the OEC Compensation scale
  • HB 5001: Encourages state agencies to use their funding to reduce waiting lists, establishes an adequate workforce to serve the intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) population and asks state agencies to recommend new service eligibility criteria that does not hinge on the results of an IQ test

“Building a bipartisan consensus can be difficult in the Connecticut General Assembly, but the Women’s Bipartisan Caucus is supporting a wide range of legislation that will help women and families across Connecticut in every aspect of their lives,” said Speaker of the House Matt Ritter (D-Hartford).

“The Women’s Bipartisan Caucus continues the important work of effectively moving issues forward in a number of key areas,” said Majority Leader Jason Rojas (D-East Hartford, Manchester). “I am proud of their accomplishments over the years and look forward to seeing many of their priorities cross the finish line this session.”

You can read more from the Stamford Advocate newspaper about the Women's Bipartisan Caucus priorities here.