April's 109th Spotlight

April 30, 2023

For April, I have the privilege of highlighting the Afghanistan Iraq Veterans War Memorial Fund. This incredible organization was established to create a memorial to honor all Connecticut residents who have served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

109th Spotlight

The site selected for the monument will be in front of the War Memorial Building located in Rogers Park. A design concept has been created to represent the patriotism, courage, and sacrifice of the servicemen and women from each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. You can learn more about the project by watching the short video here.

The veterans I've met have grown to become dear friends and I'm genuinely grateful for their service. The Afghanistan Iraq Veterans War Memorial will serve as an important symbol of gratitude, respect, and remembrance for those who have served our country. 

Veterans Memorial Fund Photo

Veterans Memorial Fund Photo 2

Keeping this in mind, I along with the other members of the Democratic delegation, are working diligently to secure funding to get this memorial built. However, if you can, please consider donating to the cause by clicking here.

My wife, Kathleen, and I had the opportunity to attend the Afghanistan Iraq Veterans War Memorial Fund's first Heroes Gala last Saturday. We had a great time with amazing people supporting our veterans. 

Gala Photo

To close, I'd like to take the time to express my sincerest gratitude to David Vieira, Juan Vasquez, Nelson Martins, and Juan Rivas who have been instrumental in organizing the Afghanistan Iraq Veterans War Memorial Fund. Without their unwavering dedication, none of this would be possible. 

If you're interested in staying up-to-date on all upcoming fundraisers and events, please like the Afghanistan Iraq Veterans War Memorial Fund's Facebook.