Session Highlights

May 5, 2023
I’ve had a few people reach out about my absence during the last three session days. Unfortunately, last week I fell at home and fractured two ribs. While I was hoping to be back at the Capitol this week, my healing process is sadly taking longer than expected. Regardless of my absence, I wanted to share a brief overview on a number of the bills that passed the House, as well as an in depth look on the passage of early voting guidelines.

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Community Highlight
I was honored to join the Derby Board of Education on Tuesday, May 2, to present a citation for Derby Middle School Principal, Rachael Caggiano, who was was recognized as the Connecticut Association of Schools Middle School Principal of the Year!

We also celebrated the many accomplishments of some amazing Derby students.

Early Voting
Connecticut voters asked the legislature for more voting options through a constitutional amendment on early voting that they overwhelmingly approved, and we are answering the call. 

Last night, the House of Representatives approved

H.B. 5004, a measure that will allow early voting in our state beginning in 2024.

This legislation modernizes the state's elections and allows for more convenience and fairness in the process, reflecting the realities of hectic modern-day life.

Eligible voters will be able to cast their ballots in person ahead of Election Day for both regular and special elections, as well as primaries.

Passage of this bill in the House is a step towards improving access to the ballot box for all eligible Connecticut voters.

April 27 Session Highlights
The House passed:
  • HB 6354 - A workforce training plan for green jobs is essential to support Connecticut’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. This bill includes several provisions to accomplish those goals and a strategy to market and recruit individuals, especially from underrepresented populations
  • HB 6678 - Ensuing that nursing home organizations statewide are more transparent about their financial situation. Transparency is an important first step towards meaningful elder care reform
  • HB 6484 - Taking a vital step to protect the decimated Horseshoe crab population
May 3 Session Highlights
We passed HB 5575, a necessary measure to ensure the humane treatment of animals in municipal animal shelters. We set municipal regulations establishing guidelines that maintain the health and safety of both the animals and the individuals working in the facilities.
The House approved An Act Establishing A Working Group On The Restoration Of Eel Grass. Eel Grass is an important component of seagrass meadows that improve water quality and protect from erosion.
HB 6479 contains a key provision to maximize federal funds designated for state and municipal climate change resiliency projects, including coastal resiliency projects.
Adverse social conditions are often an impediment to accessing indispensable health-related social needs like diaper insecurity, food insecurity, and housing instability. HB 6587 creates a task force to develop a plan that utilizes Medicaid funding to support these health-related social needs, seek federal approval for services, and report how the proposed coverage will impact current recommendations.
The House proved our commitment to all CT mothers having access to specialized lactation healthcare. HB 6819 will require the DPH to provide a full list of international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) in the state on their website and will establish a taskforce to study licensure.
The House approved HB 6632 which opens previously closed avenues for local housing authorities housing units. On to the Senate for consideration.
The House approved HB 6689 to make a career in health care a realistic option for more CT students. The Nursing and Mental Health Care Professionals Loan Subsidy Program will mean lower interest rates for students looking to go into health and mental health care.
Celebratory balloons are a hazard to wildlife and add to plastic pollution. That's why the House passed An Act Concerning The Intentional Release Of Certain Balloons.
The House has taken a step towards animal welfare by repealing the statutes authorizing dog racing and dog tracks. HB 6615 will make it illegal to race greyhounds in Connecticut.
We approved HB 6569. The bill protects children by banning marriage under the age of 18.
The House also passed:
  • HB 6573 - Taking a step forward to make buildings more parent- and child-friendly, An Act Concerning Access to Diaper Changing Tables in Public Buildings, would add a changing table requirement for new public buildings in the next first draft revision to the State Building Code
  • HB 5232 - Promotes responsible gambling at higher education institutions by protecting students from targeted gambling advertisements and bans institutions from profiting from any direct gambling soliciting
May 4 Session Highlights
The House passed HB 6688, which improves protections for CT residents going through eviction. The bipartisan bill expands green subsidies to heat pumps and geothermal heating, improves CHFA subsidies for home ownership and affordable housing opportunities, and establishes a working group to find ways to increase financing opportunities for mobile manufactured homes.
We approved HB 6831 to allow for 24-hour response for prescription drugs for certain mental health conditions
The House also passed:
  • HB 6752 - Allowing the CT Department of Banking to issue regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and protects CT residents from scams related to cryptocurrency kiosks
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