Updates from State Rep. Chris Poulos - May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023
It was a busy week at the State Capitol meeting with constituents to learn about their perspectives on important issues, and to share updates and details on the legislative process and bills under consideration this session, which ends on June 7. 

Please check out my recap of the week along with other noteworthy items, and thanks for taking the time to read them!

Constituent Meetings at the Capitol
Great to see and talk with Patricia Gibney, Executive Director of the ARC of Southington, at the Nonprofit Alliance Day held at the Capitol on Tuesday. As a Plantsville resident, I am grateful for and support the work that the ARC does to benefit our residents. 
I also had the opportunity to meet with Southington residents and business owners, including Josh Serafino, Warren Stevens, and Rich Mayhew, to hear their perspectives on HB 6667, An Act Addressing Gun Violence. 
It’s always a pleasure to greet students from Southington Public Schools in the House Chamber. This week I spoke to two groups of students from Thalberg School. When asked for ideas on potential laws they suggested lowering taxes (smart kids) and shortening the school year!
Southington friends Janet Ferracci-Carter and Laura Schiavone visited the House Chamber after we met to discuss AARP’s legislative priorities. 

The House of Representatives also passed a number of bills while it was in session on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, including:

✅ HB 5314: Attention consumers! Under HB 5314, which I co-sponsored, businesses will no longer be able to charge your credit card, debit card, or third-party payment account without your consent for automatic renewal or continuous services.

✅ HB 6746: Sadly, wrong-way crashes and deaths have been on the rise in our state. We took action with HB 6746, which I co-sponsored, to help reduce incidents and minimize fatalities.

✅ HB 5902: Food allergies can be life-threatening. As a parent of a child with a peanut and tree nut allergy I was proud to co-sponsor this bill, which establishes standards that restaurants must follow to ensure customers alert staff about their allergies. The bill will also require informational posters to be displayed in restaurants to ensure increased safety and awareness.

✅ HB 6561: Protecting our children is the most important part of youth athletic competition. HB 6561 creates a task force that will study safety measures for all sports.

✅ HB 6622: Keeps our communities safer by changing the certification deadlines for units that serve a municipality and consist solely of constables or resident state troopers. It generally extends the prior deadline for them to be certified for tier one by one year and delays the current deadlines to be certified for tiers two and three each by one year.

✅ Health care providers shouldn’t face out-of-state repercussions for doing what’s legal in Connecticut. HB 6820 protects Connecticut providers performing safe and legal reproductive health care services to those who need it.

✅ Families who are tasked with taking care of loved ones need a lifeline. HB 6677 will require the Department of Social Services to develop a plan that will increase the number of residents eligible to receive adult day services.

Saturday is Armed Forces Day

Saturday is Armed Forces Day. As we look around the world today, we are often reminded that freedom comes at great cost. Throughout our history, brave Americans have always stepped forward to defend our liberties and willing to pay the ultimate price to keep our country safe.

America's Armed Forces are the best in the world, and we know that it is not only the person who wears the uniform that serves but loved ones serve as well. We also honor the families, caregivers, and survivors of our Armed Forces — all those who sacrifice on our behalf and give their all to support the service members they stand behind.