Gun Control, Road Safety, and Seabird Protection Among Bills Passing the House

May 26, 2023

We were back in session on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as we debated and voted on bills at the Capitol. We are tackling as many proposals as we can before our June 7 deadline, and there are many ideas on the table. 
Please read below to see the highlights from the past week.

HB 6667, which I co-sponsored, is the most comprehensive update to Connecticut's gun violence statutes since the historic reforms we passed after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

While Connecticut remains one of the safest states in the nation because of our previous legislative action, it does not make us immune to the continuing epidemic of gun violence. HB 6667 is a step toward making Connecticut even safer.

We have seen states around the nation recklessly retreat from sensible gun regulations, but Connecticut continues to lead and stand strong in the push to make our communities safer. I want to thank Gov. Ned Lamont for his leadership on this bill in addition to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and the Judiciary Committee for their work on it.

The bill now moves to the Senate for its consideration.

HB 5917 implements the recommendations of the Vision Zero Council to make roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. This bill addresses the spike in roadway fatalities in our state.
HB 6755 establishes a working group to develop a plan for an advanced manufacturing technology center in the state and to maximize the economic, educational, and workforce benefits provided.
HB 5441 is a bipartisan effort that improves the state's workforce pipeline by including an extension of the existing teacher loan subsidy program for more educators in Alliance Districts.
Education is a top priority. HB 6880 makes critical revisions to our education laws that support parents, teachers, families, and most importantly our students.
HB 5628 has bipartisan support and allows us to study hydropower as a clean and renewable energy alternative that our state could potentially utilize.
HB 6486 establishes a statewide stewardship program for discarded tires and ensures access to tire collection while promoting recycling efforts and holding producers accountable.
HB 6768 takes another step to protect reproductive rights in our state by ensuring access to emergency contraceptives at pharmacies. The bill gives pharmacists the ability to prescribe medications and medical devices to patients. It also protects pharmacies from prosecution from states whose laws do not allow such activity.
We are committed to protecting our marine ecosystems. I'm proud to co-sponsor HB 6813, which ensures the safety of seabirds and shorebirds by establishing a protection program, including designated protection areas. All of these bills now head to the Senate.