Major Gun Safety Bill Passed by House

May 31, 2023

Last week the House of Representatives passed the most comprehensive update to Connecticut's gun safety statutes since the historic reforms passed after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

While Connecticut remains one of the safest states in the nation, it does not make us immune to the continuing epidemic of gun violence. HB 6667 is a step toward helping make Connecticut even safer.

HB 6667

This legislation targets mass shootings by tightening restrictions on assault weapons and large capacity magazines and expands the ban on the sale of semi-automatic guns to those under the age of 21. The bill additionally requires the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) to update its mass shooting response plan.

The bill also directly deals with the issue of gun violence by requiring the registration of any ghost gun manufactured prior to 2019. In addition, the legislation cracks down on repeat firearm offenders by giving judges more tools to set higher bail and prosecutors more tools to seek revocation of probation, plus increases the penalty for failure to report a stolen firearm.

HB 6667 also:

  • Increases the number of family violence crimes as disqualifiers for purchasing a firearm
  • Tightens the definition of open carry, which is prohibited unless a person is on their own property or their own business
  • Increases accountability for gun dealers
  • Updates permit requirements
  • Prohibits the sale of more than three guns per 30-day period to prevent straw purchases

We have seen states around the nation recklessly retreat from sensible gun regulations, but Connecticut continues to lead and stand strong in the push to make our communities safer.

The bill now moves to the Senate for its consideration.