Need for Better Affordable Housing Plan

May 31, 2023

I will be speaking tomorrow morning about affordable housing on the Lisa Wexler Show on WICC600 and 107.3FM. The Connecticut General Assembly is attempting to pass new laws that would address our affordable housing shortage. Since we have thousands of open jobs all over Connecticut, we must build more homes to grow our state's robust economy. Unfortunately, neither I nor the residents of the 42nd district can support any of the proposals on the table.

The state should provide more aid to communities that build affordable housing and less punitive measures if towns should decide to build less than the state suggests. Any new legislation must:

  • help us grow a range of housing stock that considers our towns' specific land and transportation challenge
  • put no undue strain on our environment
  • benefit our community and the people who live and work here, over developers
  • support the continuing growth of our state and local economies

I recently penned an op-ed going into further detail about affordable housing. I look forward to speaking with Lisa Wexler on this subject.