Expanding Services to our IDD Population

May 30, 2023

I proudly led House passage of one of our top legislative priorities this session - HB 5001, a measure addressing and expanding vital services to our Intellectually, Developmentally Disabled (IDD) population by connecting people with the programs they need and qualify for.  Delivering on this key legislative priority this session was critical in part because it has been lacking adequate funding and services for far too long.

Please take a look at my opening remarks on the House floor on HB 5001
HB 5001 is a comprehensive multi-year measure that expands vital services to these vulnerable individuals, so that their most basic needs are properly met. This new bill complements the children's mental health legislation that became law last year.
Key provisions in this wide-ranging bill, which reflect strong bipartisan efforts, include the reduction of waitlists and updating a decades-old approach to serving this community.

In addition, this bill establishes a solid framework to address:

  • Housing Needs
  • Educational and Transitional Services
  • Transportation
  • Day Programming
  • Career and Job Coaching
  • Life Skills Training
  • Behavioral Service

It is my goal to continue working on finding solutions that not only bring a level of relief and peace of mind to guardians and family caregivers, but to the individuals who are developmentally challenged to help them reach their best potential.