Funding Secured for Norwich

June 22, 2023

In addition to the funds allocated for things like our roads and schools, I'm pleased to share that Norwich has recently received grants that will benefit various organizations and nonprofits. Senator Osten, Representative Wilson, and I worked hard to secure these funds, as it will help these organizations and nonprofits better serve the community and contribute to its growth and vitality. 

Thanks to the Good to Great Grant Program, Artreach, Inc. and the Norwich Historical Society are receiving funding to enhance visitors’ experiences in engaging and meaningful ways.

Artreach, Inc. has been awarded $49,450 to create a trauma-sensitive and accessible area that will function as a classroom and rehearsal space. Meanwhile, the Norwich Historical Society will receive $306,053 to collaborate with the Society of the Founders of Norwich to establish a campus. As part of this initiative, the c. 1675 Leffingwell House Museum will serve as a museum, while the Greenleaf House will be the handicapped-accessible multipurpose event space.


Norwich is also set to receive a total of $170,000 in funding for the 2024 fiscal year through the Youth Violence Initiative. Here's a breakdown of the funding allocation:  

  • Sankofa Education and Leadership Inc. | $50,000
  • Norwich Free Academy | $50,000
  • Kids Christmas Inc. | $10,000
  • Sikh Art Gallery | $20,000
  • Gallery at the Wauregan | $10,000
  • Casle Church | $30,000

Additionally, there are a number of organizations that have been granted funds through Youth Services Prevention, which is a separate source of funding from the Youth Violence Initiative. Below is a summary of the money allocated through Youth Services Prevention for the 2024 fiscal year: 

  • Night Flight Basketball League, Inc. | $8,000
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Scholarship Trust Fund | $10,000
  • Norwich Youth Football League | $15,000
  • Norwich Public Schools Education Foundation Inc. | $15,000
  • DHW Athletics | $5,000
  • Integrated Day Charter School Foundation | $18,000
  • Sankofa Education and Leadership, Inc. | $58,000
  • Norwich Free Academy | $15,000
  • Bully Busters | $3,000
  • Little League Baseball of Norwich Inc. | $3,000

I am proud to have played a role in securing these grants and want to thank Senator Osten and Representative Wilson for their help. I look forward to seeing how this funding will positively impact our community!