Food Assistance at Farmers' Markets

August 2, 2023

Many Farmers' Markets and Farms throughout Connecticut now accept EBT/SNAP (Formerly known as Food Stamps) benefits.

Over 30 Connecticut farmers’ markets are authorized to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, many of which offer doubling programs that allow recipients to purchase more fresh, local produce to help keep their families healthy.

This means those receiving food assistance will once again be able to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables that arrive more quickly and fresher than those transported long distances from other states and countries.

Farmers' Markets

Simply bring your EBT card to the table with the sign that says "SNAP/EBT accepted here" at participating Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands. The Market Master will swipe your card for the amount that you want and give you Market Tokens that can be used at all the stands at that market.

Farmers’ markets play an important role in farmland preservation efforts, directly connect consumers with the hard-working farm families who produce the food they eat, and strengthen the relationship between urban, suburban, and rural communities. There are 296 farmers in Connecticut who are certified to sell their locally grown products at farmers’ markets throughout the state. Here's a list of every farmers’ market in Connecticut!

In addition, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture administers the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program, which assists seniors over the age of 60 and women, infants, and children who meet certain eligibility guidelines with assistance to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, cut herbs, and honey. Nearly 200 municipal and private senior services organizations enable the program to be available at over 350 distribution sites throughout Connecticut.