Financial Literacy Added to High School Curriculum

September 20, 2023

A half-credit course on personal financial management has been added to the required curriculum to graduate from Connecticut public high schools.

As a result of legislation passed by the General Assembly this year, the class of 2027, students who entered high school this fall, must take a financial literacy course which will include topics such as the importance of savings and the use as well as the impact of debit and credit cards.

In many ways financial literacy can be as critical as science, reading and mathematics. This course will be particularly important for those who may not have the opportunity to learn these life skills at home.

Financial Literacy

The State Board of Education is providing specific curriculum and resources to local school boards on the course, which can count as either a humanities or elective credit but doesn't add to a student's existing total required credits.

The legislation passed the House of Representatives by an overwhelming vote of 138 to 12. Connecticut now joins 21 other states that require a personal finance course to graduate from high school.

Learning sound personal financial management is an important part of growing up and lasts a lifetime. Honing these skills will not only help our young people for years to come as they strive for economic independence but lead to a better Connecticut for everyone.