New Eversource Discount Rate & New Laws October 1

September 27, 2023

You may be eligible to get a major deal on your electric bill. Eversource is introducing a discount for those in need. Please read below to learn how residents can qualify for the savings.

A set of laws are going to take effect starting on Sunday, October 1 including new regulations on wrong-way driving and open carrying of firearms. Scroll down to get the entire list of new laws.

And, I visited the new location for the Connecticut Humane Society in Wilton. I will let you know when that facility is slated to open.

Below you will find the following sections and topics in this email:

  • New Electric Bill Discount Available in December
  • Laws Effective October 1
  • Free COVID-19 Tests Available
  • New CT Humane Society Location
  • Proposed Fare & Service Changes for Bus & Rail

New Electric Bill Discount Available in December

Beginning December 1, 2023, a new electric bill discount will be available if you have a financial hardship status on your Eversource electric account. Based on your household income or receipt of a public assistance benefit, you may be eligible for a 10% or 50% discount off your electric bill per month. Your discount will depend on your annual household income for all adults over 18 or receipt of a public assistance benefit for at least one household member.

You must apply for or verify the financial hardship status on your electric account before the new hardship year begins on November 1. This will prevent service shut-off and ensure that you get a discount. This verification is required annually.

Find Out How To Qualify for 10% and 50% Discount Rates

Laws Effective October 1

A number of new laws that were passed during the 2023 legislative session are effective on October 1. New laws include:

  • wrong-way driving prevention with a test program on 120 highway exit ramps that are determined high risk for wrong-way drivers
  • prohibiting open carrying of firearms (does not prohibit concealed carry) and limiting permit holders to three firearms purchases per month
  • charging any adult over the age of 25 with a Class A misdemeanor for intentionally targeting a minor through online communication with the purpose of exploiting or abusing that child
  • making confessions obtained through deceptive and coercive interrogation methods inadmissible in court, unless prosecutors can prove they were voluntary and uncoerced

These are just some of the laws, click on the button below for the full list.

Laws Effective October 1

Your calls, emails, and testimony at public hearings during this year's legislative session had a direct influence on these new laws. Thank you for your input, and please continue sharing your views and making your voice heard during our legislative process.

Free COVID-19 Tests Available

The federal government is once again allowing every household to order COVID-19 tests for free at You can place an order right now to receive four free COVID-19 rapid tests that will be delivered to your home. According to The Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR), the goal is to be prepared for the fall and winter seasons.

The ASPR is also distributing free at-home tests to schools, nursing homes, community health centers, rural health clinics, food banks, and other locations to make sure communities have widespread access to COVID-19 tests.

These tests will detect the currently circulating COVID-19 variants, are intended to be used through the end of 2023, and will include clear instructions on how to verify extended expiration dates.

There are numerous other options to get tested for free, such as free community-based testing sites, including pharmacies, across Connecticut and the rest of the country. I encourage you to contact a HRSA health centerTest to Treat site, or ICATT location near you to learn how to access low or no cost COVID-19 tests provided by the federal government. 

The mission of the ASPR is to assist the country in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from public health emergencies and disasters.

New CT Humane Society Location

My colleagues and I visited the site of the Connecticut Humane Society’s new location in Wilton. It was a pleasure to see Representative Nicole Klarides-Ditria, my amazing co-chair of the Connecticut Animal Advocacy Caucus. We all thank the CT Humane Society for all it does to support animals, and I look forward to seeing the work that will take place at the new location once it opens. The facility is expected to open in 2024.

Proposed Fare & Service Changes for Bus & Rail

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) will host four public hearings to gather input on the proposed rail and bus service changes, as well as proposed rail fare increases.
The biennial state budget adopted earlier this year included a funding increase for CTtransit bus service in Connecticut and a funding reduction for Metro-North Railroad (MNR) and CTrail Shore Line East (SLE) passenger rail service, to align with current commuting habits more closely.
There is a proposed increase for Metro-North fares in Connecticut, Shore Line East fares, and Hartford Line fares, excluding monthly school passes.

Click Here To See Proposed Bus & Rail Service and Fare Changes

At these hearings, CTDOT will provide information and accept public comments on the service and fare proposals and the Service and Fare Equity (SAFE) analysis. The SAFE analysis evaluates the proposed changes to determine if they will cause a disparate impact on people of color or a disproportionate burden to people with low incomes.

The virtual meetings will be recorded and saved on the CTDOT YouTube Channel at
Registration is encouraged for the virtual public hearings; however, it is only required for those who would like to provide a comment during the hearing. To register, please visit or call (860) 594-3612 and leave a voicemail with your full name and contact information. Registration will be accepted up to the day of the hearing and will remain open for the duration of the hearings.