Major Funding for Woodbridge Fire Department

October 6, 2023

I want to thank everyone involved for securing funding to develop a Woodbridge Fire Department Training and Storage Facility. This investment will go a long way to protecting our residents.

Speaking of money, you can sign up for the discount prescription drug program. Keep scrolling to see how you can sign up.

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  • Funding for Woodbridge Fire Department Training & Storage Facility
  • Sign Up for Discount Prescription Drug Program
  • Paying Down Pension Debt
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Orange Police Officers Recognized
  • In The News
  • Derby Events Calendar
  • Upcoming Events in Hamden
  • Orange Events and Community Calendar
  • Woodbridge Events and Community Calendar
Funding for Woodbridge Fire Department Training & Storage Facility

I applaud the state for granting the town of Woodbridge $500,000 in Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) funds to develop a Fire Department Training and Storage Facility. It will store mandated fire equipment such as fire hoses, barricades, and ladders.

This funding will increase training accessibility for firefighters, resulting in a safer community. Firefighters put their lives at risk every day, and they deserve the best facilities to support the public.

Currently, additional fire equipment is stored across the street from the fire house, which forces firefighters to cross a busy road to access potentially life-saving tools. That facility will soon be convened into a Community and Culture Center.

Sign Up for Discount Prescription Drug Program
You are now eligible to sign up for ArrayRx, a prescription drug discount card program that provides up to 80% off certain prescriptions at nearly all pharmacies in the state. It's a free service without any age or income restrictions to join.
    Register for ArrayRx
    I visited the Hamden Senior Center with State Comptroller Scanlon this week to talk with residents about the program and how it might be helpful. Here are some of the important points we discussed:
    • It is a free program open to everyone - no age or income restrictions
    • You can use the ArrayRx website to compare prices of medications by type and by location of different pharmacies
    • You can apply ArrayRx to specific medications if they are less expensive than under your current insurance plan. Your pharmacist will be able to split the order appropriately 
    • ArrayRx does not sell or distribute your personal data

    The program is part of Public Act 23-171, An Act Protecting Patients and Prohibiting Unnecessary Health Care Costs, which I proudly supported.

    For mire information on ArrayRx, including a drug price lookup tool, visit

    Paying Down Pension Debt

    Connecticut transferred more than $1.3 billion to pay down its long-term pension debt.

    Since the legislature enacted the state's "fiscal guardrails" in 2017, more than $7 billion in excess contributions captured from volatile revenue sources have been made to pay down pension debt, resulting in far-reaching savings for Connecticut taxpayers.

    Future generations will save more than $600 million per year over the next 25 years while supporting retirement benefits for teachers, state troopers, nurses, correction officers, and more.

    While enormous progress has been made in addressing our long-term liabilities, more work remains. What we have achieved is benefitting taxpayers today and long into the future.
    Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    I was honored to join federal, state, and local leaders in New Haven on Monday to mark the start of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and speak about this public health crisis that affects too many Connecticut residents, overwhelmingly women and children. 

    Please know that there is help and support available if you find yourself in an unsafe situation.

    For 24/7 support, call/text (888) 774-2900 or e-mail

    Orange Police Officers Recognized
    Congratulations to Orange Police Officers Amable “Tony” Colon and Eric Ristaino for their hard work keeping our streets safe through DUI enforcement. They were both recognized at the MADD of New England awards ceremony. Officer Colon received special recognition as this was his fifth year being honored!
    In The News
    Milford Orange Times: "Survivors, advocates urge victims of domestic violence to reach out for help"
    Derby Events Calendar
    Check out the events below to see what's going on in Derby, and click the button at the bottom of this section to access the community calendar.
    If you plan to bring more than one child, please register each child individually. Parents or caregivers do not need to sign up.
    Register Here!

    You’re invited to a public forum and presentation about improving your health. The event is called “Getting from Good to Great Health: Our Valley's Health and Wellness Now and Beyond.”

    It is taking place on Thursday, October 12 from 5:00 P.M. - 6:45 P.M. at Griffin Hospital in the Med Learning Conference Room on 130 Division Street in Derby.

    Griffin Hospital, the Naugatuck Valley Health District, and the Valley Community Foundation are hosting and sponsored the event. CLICK HERE to register.

    Derby Community Calendar
    Upcoming Events in Hamden
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    Orange Events and Community Calendar
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    Once you're done shredding, feel free to donate clothing and household goods to The Orange Community Women, who will be under the upper pavilion. Soft items, including clothing, shoes, accessories, stuffed animals, pocketbooks, sheets, blankets, curtains, towels and other household textiles should be bagged in kitchen-size garbage bags. CLICK HERE to learn more!
    Tickets are on sale now for this funny, heartwarming, poignant, romantic comedy with all the magic of the Northern lights. Tickets at the door are $25 cash or check only.
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    Organizers will not be accepting seat reservations for the show, however, should you require special seating arrangements, please call the box office 475-227-7547 or email
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