October Brings New State Laws

October 11, 2023

More than 100 new laws became effective on October 1 as a result of bills passed by the General Assembly during the 2023 legislative session.

New state laws that went into effect this month deal with a variety of important issues including gun safety, highway safety, social media, domestic violence and the environment.

New Laws

Here are a few highlights:

A new law on gun safety prohibits open carry of a firearm, limits the number of gun purchases by an individual and tightens up storage requirements among other provisions.

Wrong way driving prevention has been stepped up with a test program on 120 highway exit ramps that are determined high risk for wrong-way drivers.

It is now against the law to promote "street takeovers" on social media which have popped up in a number of Connecticut communities causing dangerous situations by drivers gathering to block roads and perform stunts in streets.

Another law looks to protect domestic violence victims from being ordered to pay alimony to their ex-spouses who abused them.

Additionally, we prohibited deceptive and coercive police interrogation methods.

Also, hand-harvesting of ecologically important horseshoe crabs or their eggs from state waters has been outlawed.

Here's a full list of state laws that took effect October 1.

You can also read an article on the new laws from CT Insider.

Your calls, emails, and testimony at public hearings during this year's legislative session had a direct influence on these new laws. Thank you for your input, and please continue sharing your views and making your voice heard during our legislative process.