Presidential Primary Moved to Early April

October 18, 2023

The legislature voted last month to move up Connecticut's presidential preference primary day to early April.

From a national standpoint, Connecticut has essentially been lost in the forest at the end of the presidential primary season.

To help change that perception, the legislature approved a bipartisan proposal during a special session to advance the date for state's presidential primary by four weeks. This means the 2024 presidential primary will take place on the first Tuesday in April.

Presidential Primary

This decision was made after carefully considering the benefits it would bring to Connecticut voters. With an earlier primary date, we aim to increase our influence in the national political landscape and encourage more presidential candidates to visit us during the 2024 campaign season.

In addition, the overwhelming bipartisan support for this bill serves as a powerful testament to our unwavering commitment to upholding democracy and ensuring that every single voice has a meaningful opportunity to be heard and valued.

As we move forward, we encourage you to stay informed about the upcoming presidential primary and actively participate in the democratic process. Your vote matters and your voice deserves to be heard.