Statement on War in Israel and Palestine

October 31, 2023

Representative Keith Denning issues statement on war in Israel and Palestine.

"The recent terrorist attacks in Israel are heartbreaking – and they must be strongly condemned. I mourn those lost, pray for their grieving families, and stand with Israel and its people in their fight to protect their right to exist in peace. As a community, let us amplify our support for Israel and its people, and our Jewish neighbors in Connecticut and everywhere. These terror attacks by Hamas exhibit a serious threat to our strongest allies and advocates for peaceful democracy in a violent region. The images of the war in Israel and Palestine are horrifying. I am praying for the victims, their families, and everyone else who is affected by the violence. The destruction of Gaza is hard to watch. I lived with Palestinians for five weeks in both Gaza and the Ramallah as part of a humanitarian effort. I know how kind and compassionate they are. In Connecticut, we must raise our voices and show our support for efforts that promote a lasting peace."