Combatting Climate Change Misinformation

November 17, 2023

Now is the time to tackle climate change and follow industry clear air standards. Republicans are confusing the public with their opposition to these regulations. Please keep scrolling to learn how my colleagues and I are combatting climate change misinformation. 

The Connecticut General Assembly passed some sound legislation supporting our local economy, which is reflective in our job growth and bond ratings. Please read below to learn how our fiscal policies are already paying dividends.

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  • Combatting Climate Change Misinformation
  • Connecticut Supports a Strong Business Climate
  • Unemployment Insurance Help
    Combatting Climate Change Misinformation

    Republicans in the Connecticut General Assembly have decided on a misinformation tour (and media blitz) to tout their opposition to regulations implementing the latest revisions to California’s clean air standards that require car manufacturers to curb emissions by weaning the new vehicle market off gasoline from 2027 through 2035, replete with the same, tired lounge-act songs such as, "Unelected Bureaucrats" or "Trading Tailpipe for Smokestack." 

    Combatting climate change should be as popular as Taylor Swift songs. It should not produce "Bad Blood" between legislators on either side of the aisle. I know "All Too Well (Anne's version)" that fossil fuel companies and their lobbyists are more concerned with earning their traditional billions of dollars as opposed to manufacturers that have largely already signaled their intent to shift to electric vehicles (EVs) regardless of whether the regulations are adopted, simply because the manufacturers will tailor their offerings to the huge markets of California and New York.

    My colleague, State Rep. Christine Palm (D-Chester), recently penned, "Don’t Fall For Scare Tactics: Myths And Reality Of Electric Vehicles," which is a robust and reasoned op-ed that combats false and misleading information by debunking myriad myths.
    Connecticut Supports a Strong Business Climate
    Thanks to our strong, fiscally responsible policies at the state level:
    • Our bond ratings are stellar.
    • Job growth numbers keep improving.
    • We have cut billions in unfunded pension debts from our balance sheets.
    • We paid back the pandemic-era Unemployment Trust Fund loan, which is great news for local businesses.

    This proactive repayment of the Unemployment Trust loan sends a strong message that Connecticut is open for business. 

    The Governor's Office has details on the unemployment repayment below. 

    Unemployment Loan Repayment Announcement
    Unemployment Insurance Help

    The Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) will host an online seminar on Thursday, December 14 at 10:00 A.M. Organizers will provide an overview on Connecticut’s Unemployment Insurance system, eligibility requirements, and the responsibility of employers who are subject to Connecticut’s Unemployment Compensation Law.

    Several experts from the CTDOL's Legal Division will provide valuable information. Each speaker has more than 30 years of experience working within the Unemployment Insurance program. Topics will include:

    • Background of the Unemployment Insurance system
    • Claims filing in Connecticut
    • Eligibility determinations
    • Employer charging
    • Overview of eligibility regulations
    • Employers’ obligations
    Register Now!