New State Laws Effective This Month

July 2, 2024

Almost 100 new state laws passed by the legislature aimed at improving the quality of life in our great state took effect July 1.

A few highlights of the new laws include:

  • Mandatory video cameras at absentee ballot drop boxes to help ensure election security
  • Allowing firearm sellers access to the arrest records of potential buyers under age 21
  • Prohibiting the selling of a person's health data without their consent
  • Requiring the departments of Social Services and Public Health to post a reporting tool on their websites that use a five-star system to compare nursing homes
  • Requiring social media companies to comply following a request to unpublish and delete accounts held by minors
  • Establishing a Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) mobile crisis-response vehicle available 24-7

New Laws

We also held a special legislative session last week to tighten up a few loopholes, including one that avoids a motor vehicle tax increase for commercial vehicles.

You can access the entire list of the new laws that will go into effect on July 1 here.

House Democrats also want to thank you for your calls, emails, and testimony at public hearings. They had a direct influence on the crafting of these new laws. We encourage you to continue sharing your views and make your voice heard.

You can read an article from CT Mirror on more of the new state laws that took effect July 1.