Protect your cars in winter

January 6, 2016

While we haven’t had to deal with snow and ice so far, there’s not much doubt that it will eventually arrive. When it does don’t forget to visit the car wash. Washing your vehicle on a regular basis especially in the wintertime will protect it against corrosion and rusting.

Chemical treatments used on roads during the winter have corrosive effects on vehicles, and the best way to protect your vehicles is to visit the car wash as frequently as possible.

A recent study done on behalf of the state Department of Transportation found that chloride-based deicing chemicals are expected to be the standard for the foreseeable future for treatment of roads.

Although corrosion inhibitors may be used with deicing chemicals for road treatment, their effectiveness is limited. It is important to note that vehicle washing, including the undercarriage, is the best defense to reduce and prevent corrosion, the DOT study found.