Connecticut Budget Increases Education Funding Levels

June 7, 2019

The state budget approved on Monday night provides an increase in ECS funding for Ansonia and Derby’s education systems.

Ansonia will receive an increase of $605,415 each year, equaling an increase of over $1.8m over the next two years. Derby will experience an increase of $414,815 each of the next two years, equaling an increase of over $1.2m in ECS funding.

As promised, education funding will continue to increase from the state for our schools in Ansonia and Derby. Additionally, as both cities are Alliance Districts, these ECS funds are protected by Alliance statutes, meaning that the increased state funds are protected from supplanting and must be used toward initiatives to improve educational outcomes for our children, while towns are held responsible to maintain their foundational educational obligations.

The state also settled a lawsuit that was a major liability for the state of CT. It allows small hospitals like Griffin—the 104th’s largest employer--to have stronger long-term financial stability, and is a settlement supported by CT Hospital Association.

I also successfully secured funding for Ansonia high school students who want to pursue the Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Program offered in Derby.

Another important priority was to give our students the necessary skills to compete for the 12,000 open advanced manufacturing jobs in Connecticut, one of the state’s largest growing fields. By securing this funding for Ansonia students, we are providing pathways to good paying, stable jobs with room for career advancement. Derby students similarly attended the Advanced Manufacturing Program with no tuition charged to the school district in the first year, I made sure to secure the same opportunity for the Ansonia School District.

The 2019 Legislative Session ended on June 5.