Capitol Update!

March 15, 2019

This was a productive and exciting week at the Capitol. I participated in a Public Forum on Early Voting with Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, my colleagues, Representative Joe de la Cruz and Representative Christine Conley.  I am supporting a state constitutional amendment vote by residents of Connecticut in 2020 that would allow for a minimum three days of early voting. Voters in more than 38 states and the District of Columbia are able to use some form of early voting.Thank you to those who came and participated with us!

On Wednesday, the General Assembly was in Session and I had the pleasure of welcoming the Alzheimer’s Association to the Connecticut General Assembly. They have done a wonderful job advocating for people with Alzheimer’s and have been working to make sure that fighting this disease is a priority. Here is a link to their website.

And this week, the Environment Committee introduced S.B. 588, an Act Prohibiting Off-Shore Drilling For Oil and Gas in Connecticut, a measure I co-sponsored. The Trump administration authorized drilling and seismic survey's on the Atlantic seaboard. This puts Connecticut's shore at risk of an oil spill, which would be detrimental to our environment and public health. Furthermore, a threat to our marine life is also a threat to our fishing and tourism industries.

I have also co-sponsored S.B. 1067, An Act Establishing a Task Force to Analyze the Implementation of Laws Governing Dyslexia and Instruction and Training. This bill will help ensure that our teachers have the tools to recognize dyslexia. Recognizing Dyslexia early is essential to being able to intervene and help those students learn to read.

- Kate