Update from State Capitol

April 24, 2019

Session is off and rolling and I would like to share an update with you. I am pleased to say that a bill I co-introduced HB 5521, An Act Requiring Coverage for Preexisting Conditions passed the House. Here is a news story from The Day with more details. My colleague, State Representative Christine Conley did a lot of work championing this bill, which will proactively protect those with pre-existing conditions from any potential changes in the Affordable Care Act. This bill is now on its way to the Senate for further consideration and then to the Governor’s office for his signature and final action.

April is Autism Awareness Month and with that spirit the House of Representatives passed three autism related bills during session yesterday.

HB 6184, An Act Concerning Access to Information on Early Childhood Interventions

The bill will require (1) the Office of Early Childhood to develop a document concerning developmental milestones experienced by children from birth to age three and information on how to access the Child Development Infoline, and (2) child care centers, group child care homes and family child care homes to post copies of such document on the premises of such centers and homes and distribute copies of such document to parents and guardians of children under the age of three enrolled in such homes.

HB 5559, An Act Concerning Communication between Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Law Enforcement Officers

The bill would require the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to make available, upon request by a person with autism spectrum disorder, a blue envelope to contain such person's operator's license, registration and insurance card.

HB 7168, An Act Concerning Transitional Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The bill aims to ensure that persons with autism spectrum disorder receive services from the Department of Developmental Services and are eligible for Medicaid coverage despite family earnings.

It our responsibility to support individuals with autism spectrum disorder and passing these bills are a step in the right direction.

I am also delighted to have been able to spend time talking with constituents in Stonington and North Stonington. On Saturday April 6th, several North Stonington constituents stopped by the North Stonington Coffee Shop and we had healthy and meaningful conversations about issues they care about.

Last Tuesday, I held a town hall in Stonington with my colleague, Representative Joe de la Cruz, and was pleased to see so many familiar faces and local residents join us. I plan on holding more of these in the near future and will send you notifications when we schedule them.