Funding for Hartford Schools & West Hartford Traffic Safety

May 10, 2024

The legislative session has come to an end, and it has been an honor serving you in the 6th District. It is such a privilege to work alongside all my legislative colleagues, staffers, advocates, lobbyists, and the general public to make our great state that much better.

I am grateful for your feedback and advocacy because without hearing from you, we cannot make better statewide policy. Please keep coming forward with ideas so my colleagues and I can be more informed and do a better job representing you. 

The Connecticut General Assembly passed a statewide spending plan before our deadline. I'll break down how new funding will increase safety for drivers and pedestrians in West Hartford.

The state is also providing crucial funding to help Hartford Public Schools. Please read below to learn how much we are contributing in an effort to save jobs and provide more resources to our children.

These are the sections in today's email:

  • Bipartisan Spending Stabilization Plan Passes
  • Major Boost for Hartford Public Schools
  • A Call to Action for Haiti
  • Happy Mother's Day
Bipartisan Spending Stabilization Plan Passes
I'm proud to say we passed a bipartisan spending stabilization plan that will ensure our two-year state budget's historic tax cuts are protected, and we invest in the priorities that matter to you.

Remember, the two-year budget includes:

  • The Largest Income Tax Cut in State History
  • Investments in Public Education
  • New supports for the IDD community
  • Expansion of Debt-Free Community College
  • A Strong and Vibrant Safety Net of Programs

We used remaining federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to provide support to some important priorities such as:

  • Higher Education - $160 million
  • Early Childcare - $21.8 million
  • Mental Health - $24 million
  • Nonprofits - $50 million

I joined my colleagues in the West Hartford delegation in securing $1 million to address roadway and pedestrian safety with the West Hartford Vision Zero Council. Safety has been and will always be a top priority, and this new investment is an amazing opportunity to deal with those concerns. This funding is imperative to kick start programs that will contain a wide range of strategies to promote better policy, safer design, and more awareness.

The goal of the Vision Zero Council is to create a transportation system and culture that supports safe, enjoyable mobility options for all, especially the most vulnerable members of the community who experience disproportionate injury and death on roadways.

The Action Plan includes goals, strategies, and actions organized around the following four themes:

Practices and Policies: The changes that need to be made to the Town practicies and policies to effectively implement Vision Zero.
Safe Design: The specific steps that the Town and its partners will undertake to design and redesign streets for safety.
Culture: The ways that West Hartford will partner with the community to develop a culture of safety in West Hartford.
Data: How West Hartford will improve the and diversify its data sources, collection strategies, analysis, and data reporting to make better decisions about roadway safety.

The town will soon begin implementing physical changes to roads, intersections, and pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.

Major Boost for Hartford Public Schools 

I’m pleased to announce that I joined the Hartford legislative delegation in securing $5 million to support Hartford Public Schools. Those funds are coming via the state’s Education Cost Sharing (ECS) program thanks to a formula recalculation. The ECS is Connecticut’s primary education aid program.

The City of Hartford pledge to provide more money for the school district. CLICK HERE to learn more.

I stand with House Speaker Matt Ritter, my colleagues in the House, and Mayor Arunan Arulampalam in supporting our students and teachers. I attended Hartford Public Schools and know first hand the importance of our education system in the Capitol City. We need to do all we can to uplift our children and encourage them to be the best students they can be.

A Call to Action for Haiti

I joined several of my colleagues in support of the Haitian community, who visited the State Capitol seeking greater visibility and representation. Their perspectives, experiences, and contributions enrich our collective dialogue and strengthen the fabric of our democracy.

The local Haitian community is hoping Connecticut can be a leader in fighting for equitable funding from the federal government. The group is calling for $600 million, which would be crucial in providing immediate relief and long-term solutions to address the root causes of Haiti's challenges. 

The funding would support education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic development in Haiti. By investing in these areas, it can create a foundation for lasting change and help break the cycle of poverty and vulnerability that has plagued the nation for far too long.  
Happy Mother's Day
As we approach the weekend, let's take a moment to give a shout-out to all the moms out there!