Tips for Unemployment Claims

January 19, 2024

I wanted to bring your attention to some important updates from the Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) regarding the overwhelming number of claims for unemployment insurance. 

The CTDOL's Consumer Contact Center has been inundated with appointments, with over 13,000 scheduled in just the next two weeks. In light of this situation, I wanted to share some tips that can help alleviate the strain on their resources and expedite the process for those seeking assistance.

Unemployment Claims

The top two reasons filers need assistance are the following:

  1. Forgotten username or password: It's crucial for filers to write down their username and password combination and store it in a safe location or a digital password manager. Passwords must be reset in accordance with federal rules for unemployment benefits. Filers do not need to schedule an appointment to speak with a claims agent for password resets. Instead, they can conveniently submit the lockout form online, which is faster than scheduling an appointment.
  2. Ten-day processing period: Unemployment claims require a verification process that involves employer notification and identity verification. This process takes approximately ten days. It's important for filers to be aware of this processing period and allow ample time for their claim to be reviewed before seeking further assistance.

The CTDOL also encourages filers to submit a case online rather than calling to make an appointment as it often results in a timelier response and resolution.

By following these tips, we can collectively help streamline the unemployment insurance claims process and ensure that those who need assistance receive it promptly.