2019 Legislative Session Was Productive

August 8, 2019

The 2019 legislative session was productive for me and the General Assembly. Here’s a quick recap of what I was up to during the legislative session that ended in June.

Our community experienced an unthinkable tragedy last year when Ethan Song lost his life due to an accident with a gun. This year, I was truly proud to work with his parents Kristin and Mike Song to write and pass “Ethan’s Law” which requires that going forward all firearms in Connecticut must be safely stored in homes with children under 18.

As Chairman of the legislature’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee, I spend most of my time on issues related to insurance and health care. This year I wrote and passed bills to protect insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, ensure mental health is covered equally to physical health by insurance companies, and to lower drug prices by allowing for the importation of safe and cheaper drugs from Canada.

At a time when our politics seems divisive beyond repair, I still remain optimistic in our capacity to work together to solve problems, and that starts with your feedback. I hope you will take a few minutes to read this update and, more importantly, take a few minutes afterwards to tell me what you think about these issues or an issue you care about. Please call me anytime at 860-240-0516 or email me directly at sean.scanlon@cga.ct.gov