House DEMS Plan Erases Malloy's ECS Cuts

August 25, 2017

A state budget plan proposed this week by the House Democrats would shield some towns, including Branford, from having Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) cut to zero, as proposed on August 18 under a revised Executive Order Resource Allocation Plan from Governor Dannel P. Malloy.

In 2017, Branford received $2,211,848 in ECS. Under Gov. Malloy's revisions, Branford would receive $0 in ECS in 2018. But with the House Dem's plan, Branford would receive $2,337,741 in ECS in 2018, an annual increase of $125,893.

The Governor's plan included cutting FY 2018 ECS distributions to zero in well-off communities, naming Branford as one of them, and redistributing the money to the state's 30 most impoverished school districts. While the proposed FY 2018 House Democratic ECS re-distribution plan still cuts all ECS aid to 25 municipalities and reduces ECS aid in another 25 school districts, Branford comes out not only unscathed, but with an increase in funding.

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