Homemade Masks Precautions

April 22, 2020

Dear Neighbor,

Earlier this week, Governor Lamont issued a COVID-19 related  executive order. This order stated cloth face coverings or a higher level of protection are required in public wherever close contact is unavoidable.

Wearing a mask or other forms of face protection will help reduce the spread from people who are asymptomatic carriers of the virus. However, not all face coverings are equal in terms of quality. Some will not prevent virus particles from getting in or breathed out.

Holding a face mask up to light is a great way to test its effectiveness.  If you see any light, it means that there is very little protection because the tiny virus particles (under 1 micron in size) are able to get in or out.  Try to use very tightly-woven cotton or some other material.   

Any mask can easily be enhanced with common household objects. The following are examples of what can be inserted inside the mask, secured with tape or stapled to the inner cloth cover where your nose and mouth would be located:

  •  1-2 Layers of paper towel 
  •  Coffee filter, flattened
  •  Women's pantyliner and bladder leakage protection liners (adhesive keeps from slipping off cotton )
  • Dressmaker facing material 
  • Vacuum Cleaner bag, cut in pieces to fit over nose and mouth

While homemade face protectors are no substitute for a manufactured N95 mask, these tips will help increase its effectiveness. 

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