Shine a Light on Human Trafficking February 13

February 12, 2020

For millions around the world the threat of human trafficking is very persistent and tangible. This menace is now becoming more prevalent locally as cases of human trafficking in Connecticut rise.

February 13 is Red X day, a part of the End It Movement to raise awareness of human trafficking. Join us as we take a stand to shine a light on this modern-day slavery. I joined State Representative Jillian Gilchrest and members of the Newington Rotary Club to bring this campaign to the Capitol Concourse. But you don't have to come to Hartford to participate.

Draw a red X on your hand and share a photo of it to social media using #ENDITMOVEMENT.

Human trafficking, which refers to both labor and sex trafficking, is prevalent in our state, touching urban, suburban, and rural communities.

I am proud to participate Thursday to bring this issue to light and push our community to acknowledge it so we can prevent it.

Want to get involved? Click here to visit the Newington Rotary Club web site, or here to visit the state Department of Children and Families Human Anti-Trafficking Response Team web page to find out how you can stop human trafficking.