Connecticut's Green Energy Moves Forward

May 28, 2019

I heard from voters across the 2nd district about the importance of Connecticut taking a leadership role on issues of environment and sustainable energy.

Green jobs and growing our renewable energy industry just makes good sense, for Connecticut's economy and our future.

As Vice Chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, I am pleased to announce that this week the legislature passed HB 5002. The bill represents a comprehensive measure that will lay the ground work towards sustainable green initiatives that include investments in renewable energy and green technology to help us achieve some of our long term environment-friendly goal.

I am especially pleased that my efforts to support Connecticut's solar industry are reflected in the final bill. Specifically, the legislation ensures that Connecticut residents will continue to have solar options in their energy choices and protects more than 2200 solar energy jobs.

The new legislation encourages clean energy and job growth and ensures that Connecticut is not sending solar businesses and jobs to other states.

I am thrilled to support this legislation that helps us protect and strengthen our solar industry. Expanding Connecticut's solar solar energy industry will create new and viable career opportunities, benefit the environment, and help protect our planet for generations to come.

Please join me in encouraging the Connecticut State Senate to support An Act Concerning a Green Economy and Environmental Protection.