Governor Lamont Outlines Budget

February 20, 2019

Governor Lamont unveiled his proposal for a two-year budget.

There are several elements of the Governor’s proposed budget with which I agree, specifically repealing the Business Entity Tax and funding to combat the opioid epidemic. The budget in its current form still falls short of reflecting many of the needs and priorities of the 2nd District.

It is important to understand that this budget is merely a starting point for discussions and negotiations and any budget that I eventually support must provide adequate funding for public education and prioritize the needs of families across the 2nd District.

During my campaign, I made a commitment to fight for the people of the 2nd District. I will be knocking at Gov. Lamont's door who has encouraged me to come directly to him with issues so I look forward to engaging with his office, my constituents, our town leaders and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, in an open and transparent process to ensure the needs of our towns are reflected in the Gov. Lamont’s final budget.

You can read the budget here: