Protecting Pet Owners From Inhumane Puppy Mills

April 4, 2019

To protect Connecticut pet owners and the animals they make a part of their families, I sponsored HB 5386 that aims to prohibit the sale or transfer of dogs, cats, and rabbits at Connecticut pet shops that are not from animal welfare organizations, and outlaws the sale of animals produced under "puppy mill" conditions.

Alissa Silber from the Newtown Bee has written an article that talks about our legislation. We've gotten a tremendous amount of support from humane organizations and animal advocacy groups, but we face an uphill battle against the puppy mill interests who continue to exploit Connecticut families.

The Environment Committee has agreed to authorize more research and study around the issue. But everyday that these inhumane practices are allowed to continue, is another day that Connecticut families are exposed to potential heartbreak and significant financial expense in dealing with the health consequences of animals raised under these deplorable conditions.

Thank you to Alissa Silber for helping us shine a light on this important issue. This affects families not only in the 2nd District but across Connecticut. We must act now.