DDS Bill Moves Forward

May 6, 2016

I’m happy to announce that a bill I’ve supported to improve services for people with intellectual disabilities is headed to the Governor’s desk after passing both the House and Senate. I've co-sponsored SB 294, An Act Concerning Services for Individuals With Intellectual Disability, to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities who have requested services from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) are properly informed and updated on the status of their request.

This bill aims to help individuals and their families receive the information they need about social services in a timely manner. The legislation allows individuals or their legal guardians to request from DDS a copy of:

  • The individual's “priority status” for residential services
  • The request for funding or services submitted to the regional planning and resource allocation team and any decision the team makes on the request
  • The individual’s individualized service plan and level of need assessment if he or she receives annual funding or services from DDS

DDS must also report annually to the Public Health and Appropriations committees on the number of individuals eligible for funding or services who have unmet residential care, employment opportunity, or day services needs. This legislation is a positive step forward in making sure individuals with intellectual disabilities have the support they need.