Candelaria Presents Bills For The 2019 Legislative Session

January 30, 2019

I have introduced legislation to increase the penalties for negligent homicide with a motor vehicle and for first time racing offenses that will send a clear message that we take reckless driving very seriously in Connecticut and are prepared to enforce stronger laws. We have lost too many lives on our streets and highways to those that have no regard for the safety of others. Another bill will make it mandatory to include blood type on driver’s licenses to assist first responders to facilitate the helping of motor vehicle accident victims.

In the area of education, there are many measures we can take to improve the quality of education and to help diversify teaching staff and cultural educational requirements. I have also introduced a bill to assist parents with more regular student progress reports to give them timely notice concerning educational issue areas they can address. Many times parents find out a student is failing a subject without adequate time to address the issue.

In order to help authorities to distribute resources in the most efficient and effective manner when it comes to drug overdoses, we need data that includes nonfatal overdoses. This information will help to address areas of rising drug use before they get out of control.