Childcare Affordability, Eviction Assistance, and more

April 5, 2024


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Dear Neighbor,

Happy Friday! In this week's eblast, you can read about the childcare affordability bill advanced out of committee, resources for those facing eviction, and more. You can click on the links below to navigate between sections.

HB 5002: A Commitment to Childcare Affordability

House Democrats have made it a top priority during this legislative session to address the issue of childcare affordability. HB 5002 focuses on making childcare more accessible and affordable for families through long-term strategic investments. This is a significant measure that could positively impact many families in our community.

I am proud to support this proposal, as childcare plays a crucial role in nurturing the growth and well-being of our children while also strengthening the economy by supporting parents and guardians. By improving accessibility and affordability, we are investing in our community's future and providing relief to individuals striving to balance work and family life.  

This bill is about more than just numbers; it's about making a tangible difference in the lives of families who deserve access to quality, affordable childcare.

Together, we can ensure that this legislation reflects the needs and priorities of the families it aims to serve. 

Assistance for Those Facing Eviction

I have recently received several questions from folks whose leases were not renewed by their landlords. At this time, landlords have the right to not renew a lease or to sell the property. The notice required for each tenant depends on the lease terms.

This situation is an unfortunate and very stressful time for the tenant. Finding a new home, packing, moving, and having the available funds for moving costs and security deposits is never easy.    

But there are resources available for tenants to get the correct advice about their lease, notice periods, and options.


  • The Right to Council Program is funded by the State and allows tenants who are income-eligible to have an attorney represent them through CT Legal Services for no charge.
    • Even if you are over the income levels, you can still get general advice by calling 800-559-1565 or visiting
  • Also check out Unite CT, which helps eligible folks with aid and relocation services.
  • CT Legal Services is another great resource that provides help to residents. Their New London office is located at 125 Eugene O’Neil Drive 1st Floor, New London. They can also be reached at 860-447-0323.
  • When transfers of property occur, rents can increase, and the town has services for rent changes and housing accommodations. Reach out to Groton’s Fair Rent Commission and Marchell Magxaka, Neighborhood & Community Planner at 860-446-5976 or
  • In addition, TVCCA’s services and Home Again project helps residents finding affordable housing and have programs to help with housing vouchers as well. They can be reached at 860-889-1365.
  • Finally, the New London Homeless Hospitality Center provides housing for adults experiencing homelessness. They can be reached at 860-439-1573.

I am happy to answer questions and put residents in contact with additional services.


Passport to CT Libraries

Stop by your local library for an awesome campaign called Passport to Connecticut Libraries, which encourages everyone to read! Begin your journey by picking up a library passport at one of 150 participating libraries. Make sure to get it stamped before visiting other libraries and doing the same there. Each participant will receive a small gift at each new library.


You can grab your passport at the following libraries in New London and Groton:

  • Bill Memorial Library (240 Monument St., Groton)
  • Groton Public Library (52 Newtown Rd., Groton)
  • Public Library of New London (63 Huntington St., New London)


Click here for full list of participating libraries.


The campaign runs from Monday, April 1 through Tuesday, April 30. The Connecticut Library Association will offer two adults and two children a $200 Visa gift card.

Health Equity Week

This week was Health Equity Week a time to break barriers and build bridges to ensure every individual has access to quality healthcare. Join us as we advocate for fairness, justice, and inclusivity in healthcare systems worldwide this week, next week, and every week. Together, we can make health equity a reality for all!

Women-Owned Business Day

Do you or someone you know have a woman-owned business? The Women's Business Development Council is hosting a Woman-Owned Business Day at the Legislative Office Building next Thursday, April 11 from 9am-1pm. This event is a great opportunity to connect with other business owners and share thoughts and ideas about the issues that impact women-owned businesses every day.

You can register for the event

Silence on the Streets Documentary

On Saturday, April 13 at 7:30pm at the Garde Arts Center (325 State St., New London), the documentary "Silence on the Streets" will be shown. The documentary delves into how the illicit opioid and fentanyl crisis impacts inner city communities. This is a tough documentary to watch, but one that becomes more relevant every day.

You can buy tickets for this free event here.

Driving Safety Campaign

The state is reminding all drivers that when you get behind the wheel, Put the Phone Away or Pay. It’s a campaign for National Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April. Law enforcement will step up its enforcement of distracted-driving laws through April 30.


It’s illegal to use any hand-help mobile electronic device while driving in Connecticut. In addition, 16 and 17-year-old drivers are not allowed to use a hands-free accessory. Fines start at $200, then go to $375, and $625 for a third offense.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, I can be reached by phone at 1-800-842-8267 or by email at For legislative updates, please like my Official Facebook Page.


Christine Conley


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