2019 Legislative Accomplishments

June 28, 2019

Health and Safety:

  • Tobacco 21 - Prohibits the sale of cigarettes, tobacco products, electronic delivery systems, and vapor products to anyone under the age of 21, improves enforcement and creates tobacco free school campuses.
  • We passed sensible gun violence prevention bills, including safe storage in the home, safe storage in cars, and a ban on “ghost guns.”
  • Expanded eligibility for HUSKY A health insurance for adults.
  • Established a health and human services network to assess the needs of the LGBTQ community and make recommendations for improved service delivery.


  • Increased ECS funding levels for public schools.
  • Funded the Care4Kids program, providing access to childcare for working families.
  • Allowed private institutions of higher learning greater flexibility in their ability to offer new, relevant, highly sought-after programs of study, ensuring that our students can remain competitive and employers have the educated workforce they need.

Environmental Progress:

  • Approved the State Water Plan to ensure that water remains a public trust.
  • Legislation that would expand the state’s fracking waste ban to include all gas and oil extraction waste is waiting on the governor’s signature. Fracking is a process used by some oil and natural gas companies to release substances like natural gas and oil from underground rock formations.  This measure will play a critical role ensuring the safety of our residents and helping to protect the environment.
  • We passed a comprehensive bill that will lay the ground work towards sustainable green initiatives that include investments in renewable energy and green technology to help us achieve some of our long term energy goals.
  • H.B. #5002, a green economy and environmental protection measure, will lead to the deployment of solar energy in our state and increase green jobs and economic activity.


  • Passed S.B. #832, improving public access to abuse registries used to protect seniors and persons with disabilities.
  • Preserved tax exemptions on pensions and social security income.
  • Rejected the Governor’s asset test for Medicare Savings Program for low-income seniors.