Demicco Welcomes Grant to West Woods Upper Elementary School

September 20, 2018

After a year of persistent efforts, I am delighted that West Woods Upper Elementary School will have additional recreational space and physical fitness activities for our children and community.

The $50,000 grant will be used to provide age appropriate equipment and a small field, which will make the space more consistent with recess areas across Farmington Valley schools.

David Tabol, West Woods PTO Committee Member and Fundraising Leader said, “We have been collaborating with the community for a year to raise funds for this project, which will benefit students and our surrounding community. The recess space will support social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.”

The playground and recess space is used regularly by approximately 700 students.

“With this grant, once again the State of Connecticut is proving what a valuable partner it is with towns and private businesses to make a real difference in the lives of children,” state Senator Beth Bye (D-West Hartford) said. “There are several hundred students at West Woods who are essentially limited to a strip of blacktop for their recess activities. That is unacceptable, given the recess facilities that other Farmington elementary schoolers enjoy at other schools. The various PTOs and the Unionville Lions Club and dozens of local businesses have done a tremendous job raising money for the surveys and site work and purchasing the necessary equipment, and now it’s time to complete this project and let the kids at West Woods reap the benefit of our investment in them.”

“Investments in the well-being of our children are essential,” said Rep. Derek Slap (D – West Hartford, Avon, and Farmington). “The addition of a playground and improvements to the recess space at West Woods School not only promotes exercise but allows students the space to imagine, pretend, and play. I thank the commission for seeing the importance of this investment.”

I would like to thank the State Bond Commission and my legislative delegation along with the efforts of many Farmington residents to make this project possible.

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