Governor Lamont Signs LGBTQ+ Legislation

July 19, 2019

Our state continues to lead in protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, and recently took several more steps to address the unique challenges LGBTQ+ people may face, particularly youth.

Last week, Governor Lamont signed the following three bills during a ceremony celebrating these victories that moved through the House and Senate with strong bipartisan support:

  • HB 7424: Our state budget creates an LGBTQ+ Health and Human Services Network to assess the needs of the community and recommend how the state can create a healthier environment
  • HB 6540: This bill expands access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for minors at risk of exposure to HIV without parental or guardian consent. This is a safe, effective way to prevent the spread of HIV.
  • SB 58: With the passage of this bill, Connecticut becomes the fifth state to ban gay and transgender panic defense in criminal cases. This defense has been used in attempts to excuse an attacker who hurt or killed an individual because of their gender identity or expression.

In June, Governor Lamont also signed the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act and Children’s Bill of Rights, which further recognize circumstances LGBTQ+ people often face.

Our PFML program employs one of the most liberal definitions of family, permitting workers to take leave to care for a blood relative, or anyone else whose close association is equivalent of certain family members. This definition acknowledges the unique, familial bonds LGBTQ+ individuals who face family rejection establish.

The Children’s Bill of Rights also addresses the different set of challenges LGBTQ+ youth experience in out-of-home care programs by safeguarding their rights to health and safety.