EEE: Guarding Against A Deadly Disease

October 2, 2019

Like you, I’m very concerned about the gripping news regarding the Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus and wanted to pass on the latest information from state resources.

We must be both vigilant and proactive when it comes to EEE which is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes infections of the brain. EEE has claimed the lives of three Connecticut residents this year.

It is important to note EEE can’t be treated. Antibiotics aren’t effective against viruses and there have been no effective anti-viral drugs identified, however, there are ways to lower your risk of getting EEE. Several towns are being careful and have modified outdoor activities and field or park hours to limit exposure to mosquitoes at dusk.
Here is a map of municipalities that have tested positive for EEE. Please click to learn more about EEE and how to protect yourself through the State of Connecticut Mosquito Management Program.