Downtown Transit Oriented Development Project

June 27, 2018

I am pleased to report the approval of funding for transit-oriented development in downtown through a $2 million grant to design and construct downtown sidewalk and streetscape infrastructure improvements along pedestrian routes near the Danbury Train Station.

My dad was a railroad brakeman and his dad was a railroad engineer. To see development around the railroad station makes me remember their lives and legacies. Like me, they would be delighted to see this economic development near the train station, and the jobs and opportunities that come with it.

City Center Danbury will get a needed boost to its growth. Making my hometown and its people better off is among my highest priorities. This is the latest example of success, right in my neighborhood.

This grant is welcome news for commuters, and anyone who lives, works or takes advantage of Danbury’s downtown area. The primary expectation is safety improvements, but we will all benefit from the beautification of the area and economic growth that will follow.

The funding is geared toward population centers in mixed-use neighborhoods with ready access to transportation corridors. This round of funding is the second phase of a project begun last year that granted funding for 11 projects statewide.

Please feel free to call me at the capitol at (800) 842-8267 if you have any questions or concerns.