$200,000 Grant for Transit-Oriented Development

October 3, 2017

I'm glad to share that the State Office of Policy and Management (OPM) selected Fairfield as the recipient of a $200,000 planning grant for development in the area of the Fairfield Metro Center. Along with the Town of Fairfield, I have submitted the project to the CT Department of Economic Development and Office of Policy and Management for consideration several years in a row.

The grant was awarded through OPM’s Transit Oriented Development program, which provides grants to municipalities for the development of residential and commercial centers within walking distance of public transportation facilities. These funds provide a tremendous opportunity for Fairfield to partner with community stakeholders, private developers and local residents to build on successful development in the area, such as the newly opened Trademark Apartments.

Planning funds provide the opportunity for smart investments in future development that will strengthen our economy and position us as an emerging economic hub.  In the midst of Connecticut’s fiscal challenges we need to remain focused on the long-term vision and solutions that will help our economy thrive.