Co-Chair of Bipartisan Coastal Caucus

September 20, 2019

I was named co-chair of the newly-formed, Coastal Caucus – a bipartisan group of legislators who are dedicated to policies that protect and benefit Connecticut’s coastline and Long Island Sound.

I look forward to joining Senator Cohen and legislators from both chambers and both sides of the aisle to address one of the most urgent and pressing needs of our era, climate change. Governor Lamont’s leadership and recognition of the crucial role we play as policy makers in creating resilient, prepared communities will result in effective solutions. Coastal Connecticut is at risk and we must work together to take bold steps that will assure the long term health and safety of the people of our state.

The creation of this legislative caucus earlier this month coincided with Governor Ned Lamont’s Executive Order on climate change. It will facilitate collaboration between the Executive and Legislative branches, as well as between legislators most impacted by issues along Connecticut's coastline.

The Coastal Caucus will address the state’s unique needs in regards to our proximity to the Long Island Sound and other waterways. From tackling how climate is impacting sea-level rise, to delving into coastal resilience, finding ways to end offshore energy and waste contamination, and dealing with the unique needs of aquaculture, fisheries and marine wildlife, the Coastal Caucus aims to properly address these items and more.