Fairfielders Visit the Capitol

May 31, 2017


As the regular session of the General Assembly comes to an end, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have reached out to me about the issues facing our families, our town and our state. 

Hearing from all of you guides my decision-making regarding legislation and helps me understand your needs, concerns and ideas.  Despite our distance from the Capitol, many of you have come to see me in person in Hartford.  Below are some photos of Fairfielders who have come to the Capitol throughout session:


With Fairfield Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones and Board of Education Chair Philip Dwyer at Opening Day in the House Chamber


My daughter Emma and I on Opening Day


Meeting with retired teachers from Fairfield who came to the Capitol with the Association of Retired Teachers


Speaking with students from the Fairfield Country Day School in the House chamber


Bob Smoler of the Fairfield Education Association came to the Legislative Office Building to testify on education bills


I was happy to welcome some of North Stratfield's Boy Scouts to the House chamber


In the House chamber with Caitlin Periera of CT Students for a Dream


My son, Daniel, and our neighbor, Bella DiCarlo, joined me for session one day over their spring break. They observed House discussion on a bill we passed to advance pay equity in the workplace.


In the House chamber with Warde HS senior Anna Glovin and Nancy Lefkowitz from CT Against Gun Violence


At the Legislative Office Building with Pierre Kolakowski – a constituent and fellow Stratfield School parent


My neighbor Mike Serricchio came to the Legislative Office Building to advocate for legislation before the Insurance & Real Estate Committee


It was a pleasure to speak with students from Mrs. Davis' class at St. Thomas Aquinas School in the House Chamber


With Operation Hope Executive Director Carla Miklos, Westport Rep. Jonathan Steinburg, and other advocates for ending homelessness


Warde High School Athletic Director Seth Fry joined me at my desk in the House


Women's health advocates came to the Legislative Office Building in support of legislation I co-introduced to ensure insurance companies continue to provide full coverage of reproductive and maternal health care. From left to right: Laura Karson, Kaitlyn Shake, Dru Georgiadis, and Nija Phelps.


Students from the Wakeman Boy & Girls Club advocating for after-school programs, led by Tim Cepetelli

Wakeman Executive Director David Balgys and Board member Chris Brogan


At Women-Owned Business Day at the Capitol with my neighbor Janet Siegenthaler, Women's Business Development Council (WBDC) Manager of Business & Financial Services, and WBDC Board Member Jennifer Tooker

​Fr. Terry Kristofak of Holy Family Retreat Center led the opening prayer during  a recent session day