Funding for Fairfield Fire School, Sewer Lines

September 30, 2016

Today the State Bond Commission approved funding to upgrade sewer lines in Fairfield near the Metro Center and finance equipment for the renovation and improvement project at the Fairfield Regional Fire School.

Upgrading our sewer lines and supporting renovations at the Fairfield Regional Fire School are sound investments that will benefit Fairfield for many years to come. Investing in the training of first responders who keep our families safe is a critical need. As a former member of the Water Pollution Control Authority, I have been a strong advocate for the replacement of the sewer lines. Increasing the capacity of the sewer system will allow Fairfield to sustain greater economic development in the area of the Fairfield Metro Center and grow our tax base.

The approved bonding includes $750,000 for the replacement of 3,000 feet of sewer lines to support future development in the eastern part of Fairfield, including in the vicinity of the new Fairfield Metro Center rail station. The section of sewer is in need of replacement and the project will facilitate future real estate development near the Metro Center site.  Also approved was $500,000 in funding for equipment for the Fairfield Regional Fire School renovation project.