Session Highlights

May 3, 2024

This is a busy week with a lot of important legislation passing the House and still more to come.


I took out a Government Administration and Elections Bill HB 5408 that aims to support Connecticut-owned media outlets and news companies while helping to maintain local news coverage by investing some of our government advertising dollars into local media. It passed the House and now heads to the Senate.

One of the House priority bills, HB 5001, passed with bipartisan support, protects and prioritizes elderly residents in our state. This bill makes it easier for seniors to age in place, creates a nursing home database, providing consumers with an easy and reliable way to compare locations around the state and establishes incentives to encourage nursing homes to improve care.

Here’s what else passed on the House floor:

HB 5491 - Establishes a property tax exemption for veterans who have a service-connected permanent and total disability
HB 5458 - Maximizes efforts to aid housing insecure and homeless persons
HB 5198 – Protects healthcare patients and providers by expanding telehealth provisions adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic until June 30, 2027
HB 5320 - Improves hospital financial policies
HB 5365 - Enhances the Human Services Career Pipeline program
HB 5455 – Improves the efficiency of the Department of Social Services in making eligibility determinations for medical assistance and responding to requests for information or assistance
HB 5300 - Authorizes the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development to consider certain businesses that do not have their principal business operations in Connecticut to be eligible businesses under the invest CT fund program.
HB 5398 - Requires a study of the use of communication systems by public safety personnel and the sharing of private information
HB 5175 - Provides that purple painted property borders serve as a warning to trespassers
HB 5487 - Makes various revisions relating to the processing of claims filed with the Office of the Claims Commissioner
HB 5239 - Expands the Collegiate Awareness and Preparation program
HB 5142 - Requires the Department of Banking to study and submit a report concerning banking issues in the state
SB 132 - Prohibits the issuance of new licenses for dog racing by the Department of Consumer Protection
HB 5196 - Expands the podiatric scope of practice
HB 5434 - Authorizes the Community and Economic Development Fund to expand business scope
HB 5222 - Establishes a no-wake-zone on the Pawcatuck River
SB 293 - Requires a waste characterization study and needs assessment and increases certain transportation weight limits for vehicles hauling solid waste
HB 5272- An Act Concerning The Expiration Of Certain Land Use Approvals And The New Home Construction Guaranty Fund
HB 5500 - Revises juror compensation, ignition interlock devices, the Department of Correction, judicial retirement salaries, and criminal law and procedure


I was disappointed that after a 3 ½ hour debate, a good GAE bill didn't move forward and only "passed temporarily," which means it likely won't be voted on this session. HB 5312 would have helped our public libraries and school libraries with their purchasing of eBooks.

Thankfully, other good bills moved, including House priority bill HB 5003 which passed unanimously and ensures young children and families have increased access to all available nutrition programs in the state. In addition, HB 5150 had bi-partisan support and properly regulates beverages containing THC that currently fall through a federal loophole.

Here’s what else we passed in the House on Tuesday:

HB 5279 - Expands eligibility for families of firefighters and police officers who die in the line of duty to receive benefits
HB 5399 - Protects victims of sexual assault by improving the training and responsibilities of first responders and the Office of Victim Services
SB 396 - Implements task force recommendations for the elderly nutrition program
HB 5422 - Strengthens the response to hate and bias crimes


Connecticut is committed to mitigating the climate crisis. The first step is acknowledging there is a crisis.

I joined my Democratic colleagues and voted to pass one of our top legislative priorities this session, HB 5004, also referred to as the 2024 Connecticut Climate Protection Act. Protecting the environment and working to combat the effects of climate change should be a shared priority because the act of doing nothing is far-reaching and touches every aspect of life on Earth.

This bill:

  • Updates the state's Global Warming Solutions Act to make our greenhouse gas emissions targets more in line with other states in the region;
  • Creates incentives for businesses and municipalities that engage in clean economy sectors or engage in environmentally sustainable projects;
  • Plans for transition to clean economy, workforce training and long-term policy implementation; and
  • Supports and expands nature-based solutions, such as preserving marshlands and forests

Other bills that passed, include: 

HB 5226 - Protecting our environment: Establishes a state stewardship program to manage the collection and recycling of certain batteries
HB 5280 - State law enforcement will join the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) databank making firearms easier to track
HB 5430 - Requires a study on migraine treatment for women and veterans, who disproportionately are affected by migraine disorders


The House passed a number of great bills that support Connecticut educators, working families, and patients
HB 5200 - Improves access to healthcare for disabled people 
HB 5436 - Makes it easier to become a teacher in Connecticut 
SB 395- Prohibits Connecticut healthcare entities from reporting medical debt to credit agencies 
HB 5182 - Makes technical revisions to the education and early childhood statutes 
HB 5199 - Establishes a task force to study the shortage of athletic trainers in the state 
HB 5227 - To require the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to release liens within a certain period of time when such lien has been satisfied 
HB 5283 - To classify parole officers as peace officers 
HB 5330 - Implements the recommendations of the Department of Transportation concerning certain environmental hearings, the Office of the State Traffic Administration, bicycle traffic, traffic authorities, variable speed limits, public transportation, motorcycle helmets and reckless driving 
HB 5437 - Creates the Educator Professional Development Mandate Review Advisory Council, which will advise on the costs and effects of mandates related to educator professional development and in-service training 
SB 222 - Expands Paid Family Medical Leave to include employees who work at businesses that operate on federally recognized tribal land
You can find the full list at