House Passes Offshore Wind Bill

May 14, 2019

The House of Representatives gave its approval today, to a renewable energy measure expected to position the state as a leader in green technology. The legislation, HB 7156, An Act Concerning The Procurement Of Energy Derived From Offshore Wind, would authorize the procurement of energy derived from offshore wind and ultimately transform the state’s net zero carbon energy portfolio into a new maritime industry.

The bill could place up to 1000 wind turbines off the coast of New London, helping Connecticut take the lead in off-short energy.

The measure guides the procurement of energy from offshore wind over the next 11 years and authorizes the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner to solicit proposals for 2,000 MW of offshore wind projects within 14 days of passage, which would allow the state to take advantage of a federal tax credit, which may not be available in upcoming years.

In addition, this legislation seeks to build Connecticut’s green and renewable energy future, create good-paying jobs, lower costs for ratepayers, and promote economic development in New London, New Haven and Bridgeport. It also includes provisions to protect and minimize impacts on the environment and fisheries, and requires the commissioner to devise a solicitation schedule up to 2030.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

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